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May 8th, 2011 – Mother’s Day Reflections [of one who’s not a mother]:

A business associate told me today that it doesn’t matter whether I have given birth to children or not, because ALL WOMEN are the Mothers of the Earth. He said if it wasn’t for Mother Nature, we’d all starve to death!  Thank you and God Bless You for it.

As an aunt that raised a deceased sibling‘s 3 children for 9 years [which ended in the early 90’s], it was a profound statement to hear. No, they don’t call to say how’s it going. Occasionally, I get an e-mail from one of them. And recently, the youngest has called a few times. The oldest said don’t send her any e-mails at all. But, that pain has already been buried, so we move on. I did what I could, whether it’s appreciated or not.

As far as my mother was concerned, she’s been gone since 1982. That’s a long time to consider what was said and unsaid for the years she was here. But, the most famous take-away was a cool spring afternoon downtown. She worked at City Hall, and my sister had taken her 2 girls to have lunch with her. These are 2 of the ones mentioned above when they were small, about 7 and 10. Upon returning, Mayor Byrne [remember her?] was  pulling up in her famous navy blue Cadillac limo. The police officers began manhandling passers-by, telling them to clear the sidewalk for the mayor. One of them made the mistake of putting his hand on my mother. What did she do? She took her umbrella and knocked the shxx out of him, saying ‘What the he77 is wrong with you? Get your hands off of me!’ Mayor Byrne was about to get out of her limo, and first was astonished, then she busted out laughing at the policeman’s face, according to my sister. Of course, he was beet-red, and this slightly heavy-set Black lady who walked slow, had the audacity to hit him back. He apologized profusely, and she politely went back to her office, which was on the 1st floor, right near the entrance they used. THAT’S how I remember my mother – she didn’t take no stuff from ANYONE, and that’s one of the traits I’ve inherited.  I thank GOD for it, too.


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