2018: Immediate Change

Immediate Means Now.

A Gun in My Face, But I’m Still Here

This is my hero Pooch as a puppy, Christmas 2007.

Pooch the Praying Dog as a puppy, Christmas 2007

This is the day that the LORD has made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.

This time, you’ll have to look up that familiar Scripture, but it’s meaning is more appropriate than I ever imagined. Why? Because on Wednesday morning 09/14/11, about 1 am, I was sitting in front of my house with one other person and my dog, praying for a business matter to be successfully concluded. Playing gospel CDs as usual [not loud], and in general, not bothering anyone. We were just about done when out of nowhere, two young men appeared on each side of the car with LARGE gray steel automatic weapons pointed in our faces. In retrospect, I believe they were 9 mm.

My dog never lets anyone walk up to the car without barking, and he actually warned us in the seconds before it happened. The dog prays, too, regularly. Every time we pray, if he isn’t in the room, he will show up. So, he considered it an interference!

Nevertheless, since this was the first time anyone every stuck a gun in my face, I was freaking out and petrified into non-motion. Me, who is known to argue [or debate] with the best of them. My friend, however, had been here before. He began to tell the guy on his side that we didn’t have anything for them to take, which was true. He did have the presence of mind to place his arm over his pocket with his wallet in it. He said he looked at the gun, then looked the boy [you should have seen how young they looked] straight in the eye, and said ‘Man, we don’t have any money.’ The boy backed up with that statement.

Then, they focused their attention on me. I was still petrified and could only say ‘JESUS.’ There was nothing else for me to say! When he asked ‘where’s the purse?’, I said it’s on the floor. He said ‘open the window and give it here NOW.’ I was shaking so much, I could barely do it, and my friend said ‘hurry up and give it to him.’ I finally did, and they literally disappeared.

Now, the people about 2 doors down had moved out on last Saturday, so I figured that’s where they had to disappear, through that gangway. But, my friend said ‘pull off NOW,’ and I did. I drove about 5 miles in total shock. Not to look for them, because we didn’t hear any cars, there was total silence on the block. But just to get away.

I am still getting over this, because now I refuse to leave the house after dark. I’ve spent a lifetime defending Black men from the many erroneous, stereotypical accusations that they’ve endured which directly or indirectly affect me as a Black woman. But, WHERE DID THESE BOYS COME FROM? Don’t they know that NO ONE in this neighborhood has anything for them to take, otherwise, they wouldn’t be here? Who are their parents? Don’t they know that they have GUNS in the house? What the hell is going on with our people? I watch the news regularly, and I see so many senseless murders committed by CHILDREN. I consider children someone under 25. My niece said these are the ‘crack babies,’ now grown. I think she’s right; I can’t imagine any other reason for so many people with so little respect for life, theirs or anyone else’s. Where are the mothers of the girls on the pole? Did anyone ever tell them that there are other ways to earn a living, than sticking someone up or taking off your clothes? I put both in the same category.

Their faces were blank, as if they were possessed, straight from the pit of hell. They were between 19 – 22 yrs. old, both brown-skin [my people know what color that is], and not tall at all, probably about 5’9″ or so, not much taller than me.

I wanted to write about this incident because I’m trying to get it out of my system. I am not a reticent type at all, and I refuse to be scared into the house. They will regret that they came on THAT block on THAT night, because — ‘VENGEANCE IS MINE, I WILL REPAY, SAITH THE LORD. Another Scripture for you to look up.

I THANK GOD FOR MY LIFE, because the outcome could have been completely different, and I definitely won’t forget it. I THANK GOD that Pooch was with us, because they would’ve walked up on us and we wouldn’t have had time to react quickly. But most of all, I THANK GOD FOR GIVING US ANOTHER CHANCE TO FINISH THE WORK WE’VE BEEN ASSIGNED BY HIM, because it’s definitely not over until HE says it’s over!



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