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I Thought We Already Overcame…

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On this day following President Obama’s State of the Union message, after perusing various websites discussing the GOP‘s altered reality of ethnic groups other than their own, [see ‘Colorblind Racism,’ http://www.theroot.com/views/colorblind-racism?page=0,1) and after re-reading a blog post on not wasting time, I’ve come to a conclusion this evening.

SOMEBODY, SOMEWHERE, HAS TO TELL THE TRUTH. The innate intelligence of the citizens of the world is being disrespected to such a degree that it’s almost funny, if it was not so  debilitating. Yes, it’s a fact [if you look for it; many links to prove it, see below] that the banks and other financial institutions ran a master scam on the world, and so far, no one has gone to jail for it. Many were fired, just to turn up in other similar positions [see Bill Moyers on Huff Post, talking about the Wall St./Washington revolving door – http://www.huffingtonpost.com/bill-moyers/the-washington-wall-stree_b_1228432.html). Yes, it’s a fact that the hardest hit in this raid of the world’s money are the former minorities [who are now the majorities – check the last census]. Yes, it’s also true that recent statements by the GOP presidential candidates harken back to the days before the Civil Rights Act [what world are they in?]. BUT – will anyone with influence, chutzpah, connections – will they speak the TRUTH to these outrageous actions that are sucking the life out of ordinary people? It doesn’t look like it.

One of the most egregious statements made recently was by Newt Gingrich, who decided that Black and Latino children would do better aspiring to become janitors in their local schools. Is he really that big a fool, or is it that no one has called him that to his face? When Juan Williams tried to call him on it, he dismissed it as a media attack, which is slick and psychotic at the same time. Slick because so many fell for it by applauding him. Psychotic to those who are insulted that he’d let the words come out of his mouth.

Until the 2008 raid on the economy, we had overcome, to a point. I say that because so many opportunities escaped us, specifically for Black folk, allowing distractions on every side, full of B.S.; what celebrity married whom, what did they wear, what noise masquerading as music is coming out, etc. Anything to distract us from what’s important, while we’re being robbed blind.

What’s the solution? Prayer and focusing on the important things in life, not allowing the citizens to be sold a bill of goods, and the end of the status quo. Those are the solutions. I’ll discuss further in the near future, and thank you for reading. I welcome your comments.


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    Hello; they had your comments in spam, so I just saw it. THANK YOU for your compliment, and yes, I’d be honored to do a guest post sometime. Have appointments today, but will be back at it tonight… let me know, and God Bless.

  2. Make measurable progress in reasonable time. Jim Rohn

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