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Don’t Forget Trayvon’s Family

Over the last two weeks, I have digested all of the reports regarding the senseless murder of Trayvon Martin in Florida in February. It is a travesty of justice, that Zimmerman, as of today, has not yet been arrested. It is wonderful that this incident has motivated so much action from the masses and those ‘in positions’ as well.

There were protest marches all over the country on Sat. 03/24/12. It is wonderful that hundreds of  churches on Sun. 03/25/12 had Skittles and iced tea on the alters, in front of hoodie-wearing clergy. BUT – in all of this drama, please don’t forget Trayvon’s parents, siblings and other immediate family members. They lost a son, brother, cousin, grandson.

The death of a loved one from natural causes or illness is hard to take. We can only imagine [if we haven’t experienced it] how it feels to grieve the death of a loved one by violence. Either way, everyone knows how it feels, and how long it takes to come to terms with it. Trayvon’s family and friends are at the beginning of that process, just 30 days ago. Moreover, it’s really going to be hard when his name is mentioned every five minutes on every media outlet.

We must continually hold them up in prayer as this matter plays itself out. It’s going to take a long time with this level of publicity. While we want to make sure this guy doesn’t get away with his dastardly deed, we also don’t want to drive Trayvon’s family to perdition, either.

The media should take note. Interviewing fools [yes, I said it] like Gingrich who continually perverts the truth of our President’s words.  Alternatively, they will publish dumb remarks [albeit well-intentioned in context] like those made by Geraldo Rivera is not going to help them heal. What we can all do is first and foremost, pray for them.

Third, the media can take a minute to SCREEN remarks before throwing them out for public consumption. So many times since we’ve arrived at the point of knowledge increasing [as the Book of Daniel 12:4 references] through the Internet, we’re told about something that had no use to us whatsoever. Have some consideration for a grieving family this time.

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