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This Week’s Popourri

English: A Hostess CupCake, shown whole.

This post is a compilation of many things that have taken place in the last week. Let’s start with the good news first.

1. CONGRATULATIONS to the two young people who were nominated Rhodes Scholars, Rhiana E. Gunn-Wright from Englewood via Oak Lawn, and Benjamin Wilcox from Winnetka. The best of Chicago, don’t you agree? Ms. Gunn-Wright already graduated from Yale, and will study comparative social policy at Oxford. Ben will pursue Latin American studies. This is wonderful, and I am glad for them and their respective families, it wasn’t easy.

Jays Potato Chips

2. What was wrong with that girl who took her friend’s baby, to help her sorry boyfriend get sympathy from a judge? Now, she’s charged with kidnapping, a felony, and he’s still going to pay for whatever he was going to court for in the first place, will be out of jail, and she’ll still be in, for something totally stupid. Pray for her, that she will gain wisdom from this episode. Here’s the story – http://www.nbcchicago.com/news/local/Woman-Charged-with-Abducting-1-Month-Old-Baby-Cops-179804981.html.

3. FORGET THE TWINKIES, WHAT ABOUT THE CHOCOLATE CUPCAKES?  I believe the entire American population is mourning over the demise of the Hostess company, taking with it the iconic treats of our collective youth [and adulthood]. I never buy gas without also buying a package of Hostess cupcakes, or, if they’re out, the Suzy Qs, which get all over you if you eat them and drive simultaneously! Say it isn’t so!

Although the bankruptcy judge gave the owners and the union an opportunity to come to an agreement, it was for naught. There are surely other companies waiting in the wings to buy those formulas / recipes at a steep discount. Hopefully, it won’t turn out like Jays Potato Chips, who, when they filed bankruptcy and and sold the formula a few years ago, the chips never tasted the same again. They are Jays in name only. That fight was also about union busting. And here we are again. Has anyone considered that if it weren’t for the unions during the last 50 years, many ethnic communities in America would have never gotten the opportunity for home ownership, college for their children, and many other items that we are supposed to obtain by default, being Americans.

Does anyone remember when Hostess was on the corner of 57th and LaSalle? They moved out not too long after the Dan Ryan was completed, a few years later in the late 60s. The flavor changed then, too, but you had to be a chocolate cupcake addict to be able to discern this. Keep the white bread, keep the Twinkies, but don’t let the chocolate cupcakes and SuzyQs disappear, it’s a disservice to America!

No More Hostess At CVS

No More Hostess At CVS (Photo credit: Phillip Pessar)


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