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New Year: Anti-Procrastination

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How much time do we spend putting things off that we know have to get done? Too much. Although every year, many of us start out in January making promises to ourselves to do better, it fizzes out shortly thereafter. However, in 2013, seeing we just avoided the ‘end of the world’ a couple of weeks ago, maybe it’s time to pay attention, suck it in and stick with whatever improvement program[s] we decide to follow. As our parents used to say, “It’s for your own good!”

One of the first things we can change is to stop this habit as soon as possible. Everyone has a long list of things that could have flown if we didn’t put it off until the last minute. Then, we proceed – rushed, stressed and not thinking clearly – not getting the anticipated results if we’d been prepared.  It sounds easy, but it can be a difficult habit to change without diligence and prayer. I’ve experienced this for many years, and I am still working on it, even though I know a solution. So it’s a constant struggle; don’t beat yourself up if it doesn’t work the first time, just keep trying and you will succeed.

One method that can work for you is to take a mental image of the goal and bless it. That gives it a life. Then, sequentially assess the steps necessary to get there. Bless them as well. From there, just do it, one step at a time. When you complete one successfully, take a break. Walk the dog, or just go outside for fresh air, even if  you’re at work [don’t tell your boss I said that!]. Reward yourself; get that chocolate bar or whatever you like. There’s nothing wrong with congratulating yourself.

Continue taking the steps you’ve laid out until you’re finished. With one bite at a time, faith in your God-given talents and a clear desire to reach the conclusion, all things are possible to him [or her] that believes. There are so many things to change in this world, we’ve let it slip. Let this be the year that we make adjustments in every aspect of our lives, and it will overflow to the benefit of all humanity.


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