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A Pre-Geriatric Saga, Pt. 3: The Sequester Blues (For Cancer Patients)

This article was originally posted on my other blog, It’s Not Political, It’s Just Life. Then I realized it was definitely considered blues for the people who are being adversely affected…

The Sequester’s Effect on Cancer Patients

The Human Body -- Cancer

The Human Body — Cancer (Photo credit: n0cturbulous) — The cells of the body are workshops, a thousand times smaller than the cells of a honeycomb, yet furnished with every modern convenience. Besides, the inhabitants do not mind being shut up in their restricted quarters — everything has been provided to ensure their well-being. And the same laws apply to them all.
Naturally, here as in any community, there are certain individuals who prefer to live in the fringe of society. They are evil doers and they hide, the better to be able to carry out their illegal trade. Their hiding-places are most often cells at the bottom of blind alleys where their sort form unhealthy growths which quickly develop, branch out, and bring trouble to the peaceful city, and often death. These clusters of cells have a frightening Latin name which means crab: Cancer.


I recently read an article in the Washington Post, regarding the effect that the sequester’s reduction of funding to Medicare is having on cancer patients across the country. Large operations like Cancer Treatment Centers of America have to turn patients away because the treatment they were providing is no longer covered by the government. Like the President recently did, has the Senate and House of Representatives considered taking a pay cut to alleviate the financial burden of the country? I think not.

This is an important read because what happens in this case will soon spread to many other aspects of our lives, if we allow it. This is a real example of POLITICAL INCORRECTNESS, that you’d leave someone to die because of a silly philosophical disagreement.

A few years ago, my former business partner and I had two close friends succumb to cancer because their respective insurance companies stopped paying their premiums. I assume that they had reached their limits, and they sent them home to die. One passed away in the spring, the other in the fall. They didn’t know each other. One was a retired truck driver, one was the wife of a prominent local bishop. In both cases, they were vibrant senior citizens, enjoying their lives and non-smokers [as far as I knew].

Lot leaving Sodom, Woodcut from the Nuremberg ...

Lot leaving Sodom, Woodcut from the Nuremberg Chronicle (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is hard to consider, that the industries that were created to assist the public are now so money-hungry that all bets are off when it comes to getting paid. Many people are taking international medical excursions, trips to other countries where the cost of a surgery or treatment is much less than having the same procedures done here at home. That includes the travel, hotel and getting around those other countries. That’s a sorry legacy for America.

Read the story, and consider where we as a country are going. Straight to HadesSodom and Gomorrah fell because they didn’t take care of their poor. What is America doing now?



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