2018: Immediate Change

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A Pre-Geriatric Saga Sidetrack: Do It Again!



The following exercise will be the last statement made on subjects such as this. 2014 looks so good right now, it won’t be cluttered by observations on offenses by those w/certain intellectual deficits.

I was originally quite offended that none of my relatives called me on Thanksgiving. It was disconcerting at first, although Pooch and I had a great dinner, thank you. This was a first. Is the true DNA of their biological fathers surfacing? Last year, it was a Thanksgiving without pork. This year, I guess I became the pork!

The relatives we have in common would never do such a thing, and in fact, were probably turning over in their graves. You can’t be bourgeois with a low mind; they don’t go together, and it will surface eventually. It didn’t come from my side of the family. Not perfect, but always doing the best we can, always going higher.

The primary ones in question had a mother who fed her husband’s children from his first marriage with a smile, even though they were eating everything that wasn’t nailed down that day. I happened to stop by, wondering how anyone could eat that much at one time.  But she did it with a kind word and a smile, not mentioning the snake in the mailbox at all. It wasn’t their fault, and she knew it. That’s my relative, full of love regardless. God rest her soul.

Nevertheless, here’s the good part. Ever since Thanksgiving, I have been so blessed that it’s like the windows of Heaven opened over my humble abode. For every slight, every ‘so what’ over my good news, I’ve been recompensed 100-fold. No weapon, isn’t that right?

In conclusion, it appears that the more angst pointed this way, the more God turns my attention to the good things in my life. He’s surrounded me with people who think. So, let’s have the same thing for Christmas! Don’t call me, I’ll call you.


2018 – Try Again

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