2018: Immediate Change

Immediate Means Now.

Biopsy Blues Sidetrack: Dr. L., You Are Not Omniscient!

My emotional reaction cannot be predicted by a person who’s only seen me for less than 10 minutes total over the last 1 ½ years…Was it because of my zip code?


A Pre-Geriatric Saga: The Biopsy Blues

Once you’ve been dragged through the mud a few times and have the audacity not only to survive with your right mind, but also come out with POWER, it’s disconcerting to folk who ‘knew you when’ if they were seeking your demise.

03.16.2013 · 6 Comments

Requiem for a Great Woman

She also saw her mother make ice cream every summer for all of the neighborhood children that she chastised, so we didn’t mind at all. Lemon flavored, walnut, not just vanilla; there was a rotation!

02.23.2013 · 2 Comments

Citizens, Not Consumers, Are Key to Solving Climate Crisis – Bill Moyers

This is a recent post from Bill Moyers on climate change and what we can do about it. Now, that’s Immediate Change! Citizens, Not Consumers, Are Key to Solving Climate … Continue reading


New Year: Anti-Procrastination

Everyone has a long list of things that could have flown if we didn’t put it off until the last minute. Then, we proceed – rushed, stressed and not thinking clearly – not getting the anticipated results if we’d been prepared.

01.05.2013 · 1 Comment

A Thanksgiving Without Pork

Although I’m a week late, I couldn’t resist mentioning a fabulous Thanksgiving dinner with my family. My niece laid out a spread fit for royalty – greens, turkey and dressing, … Continue reading


This Week’s Popourri

This post is a compilation of many things that have taken place in the last week. Let’s start with the good news first. 1. CONGRATULATIONS to the two young people … Continue reading


Guest Post

Originally posted on To Be Aware:
Alright so this is the last of post of this series, and in this one I’m going to explain what can be done once…


Life is Too Short for Ambiguity

In other words, saying one thing and meaning another. Nowadays, that’s all we get. It used to be called double entendre, with two meanings. In 2012, there might be 20 meanings before we get to the truth. What happened?


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