2018: Immediate Change

Immediate Means Now.

A Pre-Geriatric Saga Sidetrack: Do It Again!

In conclusion, it appears that the more angst pointed this way, the more God turns my attention to the good things in my life. He’s surrounded me with people who think. So, let’s have the same thing for Christmas! Don’t call me, I’ll call you.


Requiem for a Great Woman

She also saw her mother make ice cream every summer for all of the neighborhood children that she chastised, so we didn’t mind at all. Lemon flavored, walnut, not just vanilla; there was a rotation!

02.23.2013 · 2 Comments

Citizens, Not Consumers, Are Key to Solving Climate Crisis – Bill Moyers

This is a recent post from Bill Moyers on climate change and what we can do about it. Now, that’s Immediate Change! Citizens, Not Consumers, Are Key to Solving Climate … Continue reading


This Week’s Popourri

This post is a compilation of many things that have taken place in the last week. Let’s start with the good news first. 1. CONGRATULATIONS to the two young people … Continue reading


Life is Too Short for Ambiguity

In other words, saying one thing and meaning another. Nowadays, that’s all we get. It used to be called double entendre, with two meanings. In 2012, there might be 20 meanings before we get to the truth. What happened?


Don’t Forget Trayvon’s Family

Over the last two weeks, I have digested all of the reports regarding the senseless murder of Trayvon Martin in Florida in February. It is a travesty of justice, that Zimmerman, as … Continue reading

03.26.2012 · 1 Comment

I Thought We Already Overcame…

On this day following President Obama’s State of the Union message, after perusing various websites discussing the GOP‘s altered reality of ethnic groups other than their own, [see ‘Colorblind Racism,’ … Continue reading

02.13.2012 · 3 Comments

WHY SIT HERE UNTIL WE DIE: Lessons From the Bible for Today

There’s a profound Scripture to read in the 7th chapter of 2nd Kings that tells a story about four lepers who’d been put out of the city. Living on the … Continue reading

07.31.2011 · 1 Comment

2018 – Try Again

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